Welcome to all of you, for a fantastic trip all over Europe

Rallye Raid Photo : 30 years of experience !

That's because 30 years "Rallye Raid Photo Capitals" offers a undeniable success of Raids exceptional and unique Raids conducted over a thousand people on the roads of Europe and Asia.

Over the years these Raids have become major events for fans of images, travel, history, culture and gastronomy, or simply explore the European and Asian continents.

A highly experienced team of seven people working on the year for the comfort of all, created and set up more than a year before each departure routes unforgettable.

No wonder then, that many people who took more than one start over the years, sometimes even without knowing the exact final route, as the trust is required.

30 years of experience, that's irreplaceable!

Trilingual interpreters (English - French - Russian) (English - French - Mandarin) present an across the course, a doctor (Vice-President of the Association) always listen to each one nurse, one or two engineers depending on the size of the course, everything here is designed for everyone's safety.

Russian partners, Uzbek, Kazakh, Chinese, Mongolian, each selected to be the best in their own country.

French Alliance of our excellent relations with which we have improved access and know every city where they are represented.

This can not be invented overnight: 30 years of experience and successful raids!

In 2012, towards Beijing and Shanghai, via the wonders of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lake Baikal, and Chita, then back through Mongolia and Russia to St. Petersburg.

Nearly 30,000 km in one hundred days through unforgettable landscapes and sites to take your breath away.

A Motorhomes your, or your Car (sedan or 4x4), only the first 50 registrations will be taken into account, and this

before November 15, 2011 ..

Two distinct groups set off June 15, 2012:
- One reserved for campers,
- One for cars (sedans or 4x4)


We all are english speaking people

Don't hesitate to contact and join us :

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+ 33 6 62 53 27 26

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